Wearing the same shirts doesn't make a team. -Buchholz and Roth

I'm an energetic, funny, inspirational speaker. I've created numerous research-informed, highly-engaging keynotes and workshops, in education, business, ​and community organizations. I deliver useful learning and lasting rejuvenation. 

Selected Feedback

  • Caught your attention--knows how to hold a group
  • His style of presentation was engaging, thrilling, and entertaining.
  • Upbeat, alive presenter
  • All around fantastic. Great advice on how to be a better leader and how to thrive in a busy environment.
  • Best presenter of the conference
  • Very good at what he does
  • I really felt myself becoming more happy even as we were going through the presentation, ​and felt like I could take a lot away to make my life less stressful.
  • Just what I needed​​

Selected Events

  • Buchanan, K. (2018, February). Joy, creativity, and play. Invited featured speaker at the Wisconsin State Reading Association Conference. Milwaukee, WI.
  • Buchanan, K. (2017, October). Firing up the Minecraft generation. Invited keynote speaker at the annual joint convention of the Wisconsin Educators of Business and Information Technology and the Wisconsin Marketing Education Association.
  • Buchanan, K. (2016, April). Happy teachers, happy children. Workshop presented at the Early Childhood Education Conference. Menomonie, WI.
  • Buchanan, K., & Herr, M. (2016, March). A little extra vs. this again: Inspirational diversity activities. Invited workshop at the regional Walmart managers annual meeting, Plover, WI.
  • Buchanan, K.. (2016, January). Getting real about messy problems. Invited workshop for ​the Worzalla senior management team, Stevens Point, WI.

Positive Psychology

I've shared big ideas from positive psychology with a variety of audiences, including teachers and other professionals (e.g., in law enforcement, in social services). For example:

The Joy of Teaching. Teaching should be good for our soul, but sometimes the job takes more than it gives. Learning should be a joyful adventure, but sometimes learners experience more anxiety and reluctance than courage and discovery. In this interactive adventure we'll explore happiness and creativity, and how to have more of both. I'll share promising strategies for rediscovering our happiness as teachers, and how to help learners of any age find their bliss.

Better Diversity Training 

I've helped different professionals approach inclusive excellence with more understanding and comfort, including managers and other professionals (e.g., in retail). For example:

A Little Extra vs. This Again. Many factors influence a customer's loyalty. They are more likely to continue patronizing a business that gives a little extra. In contrast, a customer's loyalty is hurt when they experience discrimination. There can be a toxic, demoralizing sense of, "Oh, this again." In this workshop, we'll explore strategies to comfortably and confidently engage with diverse customers. There are no quick-fixes or magic bullets. But there are research-supported approaches that work better.

Safe Zone & Beyond. Safe Zone is fundamentally about helping everyone feel welcome and be successful, including people with LGBTQ+ identities. The philosophy and practices can go farther. In this workshop, we'll explore relevant terms and issues through non-threatening activities like case studies. With better understanding and strategies, we can better include differences like race/ethnicity, religion, mental health, neurodiversity, and socioeconomic status.

Modern Media

I've enjoyed unpacking what's happening in media and technology--both good and bad--for teachers, librarians, parents, families, and more. I especially excel at helping non-gamers understand what I call "the Gamer Mindset." For example:

Firing Up the Minecraft Generation. New media and technology change how young people play, communicate, create, and grow. Yet the fundamentals of good teaching haven't changed. This lively presentation will feature some hot toys, tools, and trends, while connecting back to timeless cool ideas in motivation and learning.

Other Past Topics & Possible Topics

  • Adolescent Development & Psychology
  • Public Speaking
  • Student Health (e.g., high-risk behaviors)
  • Technology Planning
  • Trauma

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Speaker & Trainer

​Kym Buchanan

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