​Kym Buchanan

Wearing the same shirts doesn't make a team. -Buchholz and Roth

I'm an energetic, funny, inspirational, keynote-style speaker. I've created numerous research-informed, highly-engaging events for meaningful learning and growth, in PK-20 education, business, ​and the community.

Selected Events

  • Buchanan, K. (2018, February.) Joy, creativity, and play. Invited featured speaker at the Wisconsin State Reading Association Conference. Milwaukee, WI. (PowerPoint File)
  • Buchanan, K. (2017, October). Firing up the Minecraft generation. Invited keynote speaker at the annual joint convention of the Wisconsin Educators of Business and Information Technology and the Wisconsin Marketing Education Association. (PowerPoint File)
  • Buchanan, K. (2016, April). Happy teachers, happy children. Workshop presented at the Early Childhood Education Conference. Menomonie, WI.
  • Buchanan, K., & Herr, M. (2016, March). A little extra vs. this again: Inspirational diversity activities. Invited workshop at the regional Walmart managers annual meeting, Plover, WI.
  • Buchanan, K.. (2016, January). Getting real about messy problems. Invited workshop for ​the Worzalla senior management team, Stevens Point, WI.

Selected Feedback

  • Caught your attention--knows how to hold a group
  • His style of presentation was engaging, thrilling, and entertaining.
  • Upbeat, alive presenter
  • All around fantastic. Great advice on how to be a better leader and how to thrive in a busy environment.
  • Best presenter of the conference
  • Very good at what he does
  • I really felt myself becoming more happy even as we were going through the presentation, ​and felt like I could take a lot away to make my life less stressful.
  • Just what I needed​​

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Photos of Kym by Eva Donohoo

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